Cedric Mitchell


Cedric Major Mitchell, Los Angeles-based glass artist from Oklahoma who honed his skills while attending Tulsa Community College studying business. Learning about the glass art-form as an emerging local hip-hop artist while recording in the music studio, he immediately enrolled as an elective. As a student, he quickly transitioned into an apprentice and instructor at The Tulsa Glassblowing School.

Inspired by an eccentric mix of Graffiti Art, Pop Culture, Mid-Century Modern, and Memphis Design. Cedric creates work that ranges from functional to decorative art, combining simplicity in design with bold colors to craft hand-blown vessels with a purpose.

Cedric Mitchell Design was founded in 2018, teaching private glass blowing classes to the general public and working with designers in the area to help create their projects. CMD quickly grew, with a small line of candles that transitions into a cocktail glass and other elegant styles of drinkware. Also working with high-end stores such as Mohawk General Store and Heath Ceramics to create custom collections.

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