Alex Krueger


Alex Krueger is a multidisciplinary artist working out of New York City.  He first began working with glass during his high school years and later studied under Professor Scott Darlington at Bowling Green State University.  Alex has shown work both nationally and internationally and has pieces in various private collections.  Some of his works have been featured at Vertical Gallery in Chicago as well as Stream Gallery in Hong Kong.  Alex works in an improvisational manner to develop his art in the hot shop. Alex’s work focuses on using the glass's inherent properties to create complex interpersonal narratives.   He has collaborated and worked with various glass artists and designers and has taught multiple art programs at schools.  Mr. Krueger strives to encourage students to work on their artistic approach without feeling restrained to the newness or unfamiliarity of a material. He helps to build an understanding of the basic principles of gravity, heat and timing.  He believes the first step is a solid foundation or “canvas” to explore and extrapolate off of, leaving room for additions to the piece and allowing them to grow organically with the artist.