Issue 18 | Winter

A Clear View

by Karen S. Chambers

This issue offers a look at the range of developments and possibilities of glass in architecture and the public arts.

Glass Happenings

The happenings in the glass art world in 1984.

Joep Nicolas

by Claire Nicolas White

Discussion of the life of glass artist Joep Nicolas by his daughter.


Architectural Stained Glass in the U.S.: Three Radically Different Projects

by Lutz Haufschild

The fundamental changes in architectural stained glass throughout North America.

Temple Windows in Wooster: Rebecca Seeman and Michael Senger

by Arnold Lewis

The collaboration between Rebecca Seeman and Michael Senger to make ten stained glass windows at the Knesseth Israel Temple.

David Wilson, Stained Glass Designer

by Richard Yelle

Interview of David Wilson by Richard Yelle.

Lee Roy Champagne, an Enlightened Artist

by Karen S. Chambers

The impact Lee Roy Champagne's childhood had on his career as a glass artist.

Neon New York

by Karen S. Chambers

Discussion of Neon New York, a design and manufacturing company founded by Michael Haunstein in 1978.

Michael Kennedy's "The Hunt"

by Karen S. Chambers

Michael Kennedy's career as a stained glass artist.

Architecture and Stained Glass: An English View

by Joseph Nuttgens

A history of architecture and stained glass.

The Pilchuck Story

by Karen S. Chambers

The power of the Pilchuck Glass School in the ever-growing world of glass art.

Corporate Pension Funds Can Promote Art in Public Places

by Rubin Gorewitz

The effect that corporate pension funds have on public art.

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