Issue 117 | Winter


Montreal celebrates itself as the "City of Glass" for 2010; Corning unveils the 2009 Rakow Commission by Panamanian artist Isabel De Obaldia; researchers discover a way to make rapid prototypes in glass; the Glass Eye considers the work of Dan Graham; Jay Musler survives cardiac arrest.


Spencer Finch's High Line project in New York City; Nany Callan at the Pittsburgh Glass Center; Dale Chihuly at William Traver Gallery, Seattle; Gunnel Nyman at the Finnish Glass Museum; and Thomas Scoon at Ken Saunders Gallery, Chicago.

UrbanGlass News

A new board member and 2010 award recipients are announced; UrbanGlass to present hte work of Jessica Lloyd-Jones at SOFA New York 2010.


by Analisa Coats Bacall

Glass Therapy: Lessons of the hot shop can be valuable for at-risk youth.


Veils of Color, Shafts of Light

by Grace Cochrane

Emma Varga's journey from the former Yugoslavia to a new life in Australia required a transformation in the way she worked.

Morris Code

by Victoria Josslin

The retirement of William Morris in 2007 freed his close collaborators to apply hte tehcnical breakthroughs they had made as a team to their own individual practices. A look at the work of Rik Allen, Shelley Muzylowsky Allen, Kelly O'Dell, Jon Ormbrek, Randy Walker, Ross Richmond, Veruska Vagen, and Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen.

Transparent Silences

by Patricia Grieve Watkinson

The sculptures of Mary Van Cline seek to extend the power and meaning of photographic images through the light-capturing qualities of glass, projection, and the addition of glass sculptural elements.

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