Issue 97 | Winter

Editor's Letter

by Andrew Page

GLASS Magazine's annual design issue gives us the opportunity to step out of the studio. For one issue each year, we broaden our focus beyond the contemporary art frame to engage the wider issues of glass as a functional and decorative material. 


New takes on the bottle; Richard Jolley, set designer; prize winning glass in Britain; ancient glass secrets revealed; Iceland's contemporary stained-glass art's scene; history viewed through drinking glasses. 


David Levi at William Traver Gallery; Marita Dingus at the Tacoma Museum of Glass; Sahsa Zhitneva and Naomi Shioya at Chappell Gallery; Sidney Hutter Hutter at Marx Saunders Gallery; Rick Schneider at and Nikki Vahle at Wexler Gallery.

UrbanGlass News

The 9th annual UrbanGlass Awards Dinner; Oktoberfest at UrbanGlass. 


Japanese artist Kyohei Fujita (1921-2004) found freedom in molten glass.


The Translator

by Matthew Kangas

Menjamin Moore is the bridge between Italian design and the American studio glass movement.

Sink or Swim

Bold new glass sinks are causing a revolution in bathroom design.

Blood, Sweat, Tears: Arte all' Arte

by Paula Metallo

An innovative contemporary art celebration brings internationally known artists to a small-town crystal factory in Tuscany.

Glass Transit

by Marsha Miro

New artwork and architecture transform the New York City subway system into a place of beauty and light. PLUS: A $2 tour of the best commissions by the MTA.

Elective Affinity

by Anna Venini

A look at the seminal collaboration between Carlo Scarpa and Paolo Venini during the grand decade: 1932-1942. 

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