Issue 32 | Winter

Under Glass


by Jane Dodds

A Conversation with John Brekke


by Dick Cutler, Karen S. Chambers, Gloria Hickey, Jane Dodds

Nea Artists at Matrix Gallery, David R. Huchthausen at Traver-Sutton Gallery, Schreiter, Poensgen, Alumni at The Goethe Institute, The Art of Contemporary Japanese Studio Glass at Heller Gallery.

Reports and Comments

by William Warmus


Profile of a Philanthropist

by Tina Yelle

A tribute to Joanne Cassullo

20th Century Stained Glass: Art and Architecture

by Robert Kehlmann

Why should the word glass be reserved for blown or molded objects?

The Vence Chapel: Matisse's Legacy In Stained Glass

by Ellen Mandelbaum

Exploration into Matisse's history and interest in stained glass.

Civil Inattention: Stained Glass in the Eighties

by Jochem Poensgen

An inquiry into the little attention given to stained glass windows

The Dilemma of Flatness

by William Warmus

"Flat glass holds sway over the twentieth century: observe the television screen, illuminated by electron light, its memory held on plastic tape. The world has once again been transformed by glass.

Kevin Lockau

by Rosalyn J. Morrison

Kevin Lockau is hitting nerves in both Canada and the United States with his powerfully provocative sculpture.

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