Issue 20 | Summer

A Clear View

by Karen S. Chambers

This issue focuses on the artists of the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers.

New Work in New Work

New works by Jochem Poensgen, Frantisek Janak, and Douglas Hansen.

Glass Happenings

The happenings in the glass art world in 1984.


by Karen S. Chambers, Douglas Navarra, Michael Feldman

Michael Pavlik works at Heller Gallery, Dale Chihuly works at Charles Cowles Gallery, Ronnie Wolf works at 80 Washington Square East Galleries, The Oeuvre of an American Arts and Crafts Workshop: The Rambusch Studios 1898 to the Present at the Parson School of Design Exhibition Center, Fabrications in Glass at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop, Glass America 1984 exhibition at Heller Gallery, Hot Glass from a Cold Climate at Heller Gallery, Drawings and Crystal Oasis Solar Pieces by Rockne Krebs, Carrie Harper, Douglas Navarra, Kurt Swanson works at New York Experimental Glass Workshop, Karla Trinkley works at Heller Gallery, William Dexter works at Heller Gallery, CGCA Fellows Exhibition: Steve Tobin, Mary Van Cline, Leon Applebaum, Amy Roberts, James Harmon, Susan Anton exhibition at Snyderman Gallery, Layerings by Christopher Wilmarth, and Sydney Cash works at Heller Gallery. 


NYEGW: The Experience of Experiment

by Karen S. Chambers

The history and establishment of the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

A Personal View: GAS 1984

by Paul Parkman

Paul Parkman's thoughts on the Glass Art Society at Corning.

Seeds of Glass Movement Planted in Japan

by Roger Nachman

The beginnings of the glass movement in Japan at The Miasa Glass Workshop.

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