Issue 12 | Summer

Glass Happenings

The happenings in the glass art world in 1982.


Richard Yelle, Communicating

by Karen S. Chambers

A discussion of a thirty-year-old Richard Yelle's career.

New York Experimental Glass Workshop

by Hans Frode

Images of the everyday happenings of the New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

N.Y.E.G.W. in Montclair

by Maureen O'Brien

Exhibition of experimental glass art at the Montclair Art Museum.

Christiania Glaspusteri, Copenhagen

by Hans Frode

The Danish start of the American-influenced idea of bringing glass back to the craftsman's workshop and away from the industrialized environment most common at the time.

Archives Revisited

by Robert Du Grenier

Robert Du Grenier's research on the glass techniques used before and during the Industrial Revolution.

Wilke Adolfsson

by Sue Melikian

Wilke Adolfsson, "Swedish Master Glass Blower."

Scandinavia Today

A unique cooperative effort on the part of the five Nordic countries to better acquaint the American people with the richness and variety of today's cultural life in Scandinavia.

Shots from the G.A.S. Conference

by Hans Frode

Images from the Glass Art Society Conference on April 7-10, 1982.

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