Issue 95 | Summer

Editor's Letter

by Andrew Page

Who would try to coax molten glass into meaninglful form? It's technically unforgiving. The high temperatures are dangerous. But the biggest challenge may be a legacy that stretches back to Ancient Egypt. How to create something worthy of attention when it will be measured against so many historical high water marks? Add it all up and it's amazing anyone sets foot in the hot shop.


New glass architecture, the installation boom, a new curator at Corning. Plus: upcoming exhibitions and events.


Lance Friedman in Chicago; David Murray in New York City; Nancy Mee and Dorris Chase in Seattle; Milon Townsend, Robert Mickelsen, and Elizabeth Ryland in Tucson, Arizona.

UrbanGlass News

The 10th Annual Auction and Glassblowers Ball; 2004 - 2005 Visiting Artist Fellowships announced; Klaus Moje at UrbanGlass.


In a prolific and varied career, Frances Higgins (1912 - 2004) helped set the stage for the Studio Glass Movement.


Vision Quest

by Matthew Kangas

Four Northwest Native American artists explore their heritage and advance the contemporary medium of studio glass.

Murrine World

by Elisabetta Povoledo

"Painting" with thin glass rods, a father and son duo immerse themselves in painstaking decorative technique.

Mirror on the Moment

by Tina Oldknow

A look back at the recent history of contemporary glass as New Glass Review turns 25.

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