Issue 67 | Summer


Christopher Wilmarth, Therman Statom, Ramon Orlina, Kait Rhoades

New York Glass Roundup

Glass invades the Soho, Noho, and Chelsea galleries.


New Orleans Glass: The Third Coast

by Lake Douglas

Lake Douglas offers some history and a map of the burgeoning glass culture of New Orleans.

Gene Koss: Big Glass in the Big Easy

by Doug McCash

Doug McCash celebrates the Glass Daddy of New Orleans.

The Cool Fire of Italian Glass

by William Warmus

William Warmus evaluates a new survey at Corning.

Public Glass: Tom Patti in Toledo

by Marsha Miro

Marsha Miro evaluates a massive corporate installation.

Ann Gardner's Seattle Mural

by Geoffrey Wichert

Geoffrey Wichert limns a wall of glass mosaics.

Costas Varotsos in Italy.

by John Perreault

Look again. It's not a lake.

Arlan Huang in Brooklyn

by John Perreault

Glass goes to school.

Glass: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass has provided a critical context to the most important artwork being done in the medium of glass for more than 40 years.