Issue 90 | Spring

Editor's Letter

by Kate Hensler Fogarty

As a longtime reporter on the worlds of sculpture and design, but a relative newcomer to glass, I confess I have been surprised and thrilled to discover its vibrant, diverse, elemental, intellectual riches. I have been told that the glass community is the envy of the other crafts: the artists intriguing, the collectors avid, and the market strong--and have found these claims to be true.


by Edited by Eve M. Kahn

The people, events, exhibitions, and books making news in the world of glass.


New work by Gerhard Richter and Gene Koss, and Neil Watson's first (and only) exhibition as curator at Tacoma's Museum of Glass.

UrbanGlass News

The 2003 Glassblowers Ball and programs abroad.


by Robert C. Morgan

Nancy Graves's lyrical experiments in cast and stained glass proved some of her last--and most lasting--works.


Yoichi Ohira's Better Beauty

by Susanne K. Frantz

After three decades in Venice, the artist arrives on the international glass scene.

Finnish Glass: A Modest Modernism

by Susan Barry

The tiny country became an international design force by staying true to its roots in history, democracy, and nature.

Frozen Moments: The Work of Stacey Neff

by Robert C. Morgan

The artist explores interior themes through her eerily organic blown-glass sculptures.

Behind the Iron Curtain: Czech Glass of the 1950s and 1960s

by Tina Oldknow

For artists under Communist rule, glass was one of the few safe mediums in which abstraction could be explored.

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