Issue 74 | Spring


Samaras, Skibska and Chardiet


New books on Orrefors, Frederick Carder and the worldwide studio glass movement.


Brian Hirst's Votive Vessels

by Geoffrey Edwards

Curator Geoffrey Edwards meditates upon the ceremonial aspects of the work of one of Australia's best artists.

Mary Shaffer, Pioneer

by April Kingsley

Glass can be feminist, claims critic, curator and historian April Kingsley in her analysis of Shaffer's oeuvre.

Paul Marioni, The Visitor

by Matthew Kangas

Matthew Kangas examines Marioni's stranger-in-a-strange-land iconography.

New York Mosaic

by Robert Hickman

Artist Robert Hickman maps mosaics--mostly glass, but also marble and ceramics--from Manhattan to Brighton Beach. Ben Shahn, Lee Krasner and Hans Hofman worked in glass!

Response: Broken Is Not All It Is Cracked Up to Be

by Brett Littman

Brett Littman makes the case that the use of found objects in glass is as Duchampian as cracks and cullet.

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