Issue 10 | Spring


Albinus Elskus, Part 1

by Toots Zynsky

Discussion of an interview between artist Albinus Elskus and Toots Zynsky.

Ann Wärff in Sweden

by Hans Frode

The latest works of artist Ann Wärff.

An English Way With Glass

by Paul Housberg

The influence of artist Patrick Reyntiens in the glass world, as well as on artist Paul Housberg.

An Icelandic Glass Review

by Hans Frode

Hans Frode visited Iceland to collect information on multiple Icelandic glass artists: Leifur Breidfjord, Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, Ruri, Sigrun Einarsdottir, Lisbeth Sveindottir, Gudnadottir, Bryndis, and Karl Julusson.

The Kitschina Syndrome

by Richard Posner

Richard Posner's works entitled Kitschinas.

Clarity Begins At Home

by Joseph Upham

An interview between Joseph Upham and Richard Posner.

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