Issue 9 | Winter

Book Review

by Robert Jekyll

The Language of Stained Glass by Robert Sowers.

The Development of Contemporary German Stained Glass and its Influence on American Artists

by Kenneth vonRoenn

Part II and III of a discussion on German stained glass artists and their influence on American artists.


On Stained Glass and Architecture

by Robert Sowers

The dynamics of stained glass and architecture.

The Situation of Glass Painting in the U.S.A.

by Ludwig Schaffrath

Discussion on the love for stained glass in America but the lack of glass painting.

Czechoslov Akian Diary 1980; 23 Glass Makers

by Thomas S. Buechner and William Warmus

Discussion of Czech glass artist of the 1980s.

Glass: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass has provided a critical context to the most important artwork being done in the medium of glass for more than 40 years.