Issue 31 | Fall

Reports and Comment

by William Warmus, Elmerina and Paul Parkman


by Lauren Otis, Karen S. Chambers, Terry Davidson, Gloria Hickey,

Harry Anderson and Jameson Harmon at Clara Scremini Gallery, Glass Painting: Two Interpretations by Catherine Zortichak and Czeslaw Zuber, Regina Zelaya and Linda Ross at The Glass Gallery, Crystal Blue Persuasion Exhibition at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop, Livio Seguso at The Glass Art Gallery, Thirty Years of New Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass, Dick Marquis at Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Niyoko Ikuta at Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Outside the Inskirts by Jaye Ouellette.

Under Glass


The Problem of Imitation

by John Link

Discussion of the Neo-Expressionist group of painters which imitates the toughness of early Abstract Expressionism as an example of imitations.

All of Antiquity in a New Soul

by Jean-Luc Olivie

About Henry Cros, the French painter and sculptor who gave special significance to the phrase pate de verre.

Diana Hobson

by Dan Klein

The ability of Diana Hobson's works to communicate of their own accord and justify their own existences.

A Language With Few Adjectives

by Michael Lamar

Sensing that glass, unaltered, can dilute the integrity of the image, he [James Watkins] believes lesser materials can restore it.

Karla Trinkley: Silent Spaces

by Bonnie J. Miller

Karla Trinkley's discovery of the mystery of hidden worlds behind glass, the illusions of space and light possible in small structure.

Students of Pate de Verre

by Anna Boothe

Glass students' excitement for the increasingly popular pate de verre process.

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