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Tuesday April 30, 2019 | by Andrew Page

CALL FOR PROPOSALS (updated): The 2019 UrbanGlass Academic Symposium will focus on criticism, critique, and critical thinking

The 2019 UrbanGlass Academic Symposium will take place on the updated dates of October 24th, 25th, and 26th in venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The jury has also been updated to include artist and educator Alli Hoag. In addition, the deadline for proposals on the expanded theme of "criticism, critique, and critical thinking" has been extended to June 1, 2019.

The jury is made up of artist and University of the Arts glass department head Daniel Clayman; artist and head of the glass program at Bowling Green State University Alli Hoag; artist and head of the glass program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Helen Lee; Minkoff Foundation director, Glass magazine editor, and symposium organizer Andrew Page; and artist and executive director of UrbanGlass, Devin Mathis.

Proposals for lectures, workshops, or panel discussions are being accepted via email at

The 2019 symposium theme will examine criticism on many levels and from multiple perspectives. From best practices, such as techniques to how to most effectively structure and manage a crit, to exploration of how critical discourse is shaping the field, the symposium is now accepting proposals for presentations, panel discussions, and workshops.

Focal points include:

     --structures and alternative formats of critique

     --how critical thinking is defined and manifest in a material-based education

     --cross-disciplinary engagement

     --understanding implicit bias and best practices as gender, race, and identity are reevaluated in academic exchange.

Relevant case studies and comparisons to other fields are of interest as the role of critique has broadened from the art school framework with glass expanding into design-, architectural-, and engineering-based applications. In addition, examples from disciplines such as photography, ceramics, and fibers, are welcomed as a method to see how critical discourse has been key to wider presence in fine art.

Please visit the symposium page for more information about how to submit your proposal.

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