Tuesday December 4, 2001 | by Vaughn Watson

Tagliapietra to Debut New Body of Work in Seattle

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Glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra will be unveiling a new body of work next week at the Traver Gallery. “Profumo del Vetro” (lit: The Aroma of Glass) will feature over twenty never-before-seen pieces by the celebrated artist. “ In ‘Profumu del Vetro’,” Tagliapietra writes in a press release, “we are presenting some new pieces from a recent trip to Australia. I must say that my experience there has come through strongly here. They embody my personality.” The nature of this experience certainly comes through in each piece’s color story as well as the artist’s use of flamboyant embellishments and patterns. The shapes of many pieces are reminiscent of the unique flora and fauna that are often romantically associated with the subcontinent of Australia. In the impossibly curved fenice, a poisonous snake, agitated and dangerous, is visible. An ornate series of birds that are definitely a highlight of the exhibition are covered in gorgeous, abstract patterns that challenge the viewer’s conception of matching. Landscape is present here. This body of work is comprehensive in its portrayal of deep blue oceans and rust desert sands. Apart from his interpretation of the land, the artist has also created three large, standing panels that very much contrast the rest of the work, which is largely sculptural. In these pieces, Taglipietra plays with color, dimension, and asymmetry in a way that ties what could have been awkward pieces to the rest of the body of work. Giuditta immediately catches the eye, and upon closer observation the viewer will be rewarded with the subtle intricacies that Tagliapietra’s work is known for. “Profumu” del Vetro will debut at the Traver Gallery in Seattle, WA on September 5th and will run for a limited time, until September 29th.

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