Friday December 7, 2018 | by Ivana Pencheff

A multi-layered relationship between three prominent artists explored in an exhibition and artist talk on Saturday

"We're like three rocks on the same beach getting tossed around by the ocean together for 30 years - we can't help but round each other's edges"- Dick Weiss. Traver Gallery's ongoing exhibition"Old Friends, New Work," showcases the work of three artists who share a deep friendship: Charlie Parriott, Cappy Thompson, and Dick Weiss. Each artist has contributed independent work to be displayed together, revealing the relationships and influence they have had upon one another. In an email exchange with the Glass Quarterly Hot Sheet, gallery owner Sarah Traver said that “This is the first time that we will have exhibited these three artists together.” She explained how each artist created individual bodies of work, not explicitly intended to explore their decades-long friendship, but with insights into their long-running affections for one another an inevitable byproduct. “They are displayed together in the gallery collectively so that those connections can be revealed and discovered organically,” said Traver.

The gallery plans on hosting an informal talk between the three artists on Saturday, December 8th, to discuss their artistic process and the ways in which their relationships have influenced their work. The conversation is going to be free-form, inviting participation from the audience. Attendees will be able to question the artists on their practice, and how their relationships have influenced and guided their work.

In an email exchange with the Hot Sheet, artist Charlie Parriott shared some of his thoughts for what would transpire Saturday. "I have not a clue what will be discussed," said Parriott. "The content of our three distinctly and different styles, and syntax, leaves me wondering where this freewheeling discussion will go. I want the work to speak for itself and hopefully charm a few folk into purchasing the objects. I am happy with what I am presenting and just want to get back to work."

In terms of the relationship between the three artists, it is undoubtedly one that they hold very close to their hearts. Not only are they supporting each other's artwork, they are offering one another creative inspiration. “Dick, Cappy, and I support each other in art and Life. Sometimes it's technical, or business. Or we will endeavor something that we think up over a glass of wine,” said Parriott.

The sole female in the group, Cappy Thompson shared how she feels her work is influenced differently. 

"I think our personalities are expressed in our work, so being a woman is definitely part of that," says Thompson. "I have always wanted my work to evoke a feeling of open-heartedness, a feeling of well-being. And I have continued to be interested in esoteric philosophy, world culture and spiritual traditions. I'm in favor of keeping ideas about the connections between human beings and the spiritual realms alive."

In regards to the timing of the exhibition, Sarah Traver expressed that it most definitely is a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist. “Having a show that looks at the impact that community and friendship has on the lives of artists seemed especially poignant at this time of year,” said Sarah. The impact of friendship is seamlessly exhibited by the artist trio, perfectly fitting the exhibition that Sarah had in mind. The exhibition runs through December 22nd, 2018.


"Old Friends, New Work"
Charlie Parriott, Cappy Thompson, Dick Weiss
Through December 22nd
(Artists Talk: Saturday, December 8th, 11 AM to 1 PM)
110 Union St #200
Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: 206.587.6501
Exhibition website

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