Tuesday July 14, 2009 | by mariannemychaskiw

Mare Saare’s delicate pâte de verre creations bloom at the Finnish Glass Museum

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Mare Saare, Wildflower, 2006. Pate de verre.Mare Saare, Wildflower, 2006. Pate de verre.

The exhibit “Fragile Circuit” by Estonian artist Mare Saare is currently on view at the Finnish Glass Museum through August 30th. This series of work consists of flower-like pâte de verre objects made by Saare between 2006 and 2009.

Although she is better-known for creating delicate engraved glass objects, Saare has been using more of the pâte de verre technique in her art. Pâte de verre is a form of glass casting and translates literally to mean “glass paste.” The look of the sand falling into glass and back into sand suggests that everything valuable is vulnerable, but eternal at the same time. The use of sand as a molding material supports the expolorations of regeneration and eternity, which frequently appear in Saare’s work.

Mare Saare is one of the best-known glass artists of Estonia. She has participated in exhibitions since 1978, and graduated from the department of glass art at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1979. She has been a professor and head of the glass department at the Estonian Academy of Arts since 1993.

—Marianne Mychaskiw

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