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Sunday November 18, 2018 | by Eve Aaron

HELP WANTED: Pilchuck announces search for a new artistic director, a redefined position likely with less operational duties

The Pilchuck School is seeking a new artistic director to bring the institution into its next phase of educational and artistic programming. The official job posting for the position states that the artistic director will "Set and lead the organization's programmatic vision; represent the organization to its past, present, and prospective constituents; and manage interactions with an array of creative professionals on and off campus." The deadline to apply is December 21, 2018.

According to Pilchuck's relatively new executive director Christopher Taylor, the position will be somewhat different from that of the outgoing artistic director, Tina Aufiero. Taylor explained how he seeks to redistribute some of the management responsibilities, including possibly taking some of the operational duties that have historically fallen to the artistic director and handing them to a new position in operations. Taylor told Glass in a telephone interview that "Ultimately we would like to spread these tasks more thinly and create another position, possibly that of operational manager. If we could relieve the artistic director of some of these duties, we would be able to have him or her concentrate more on exhibitions, outreach, partnerships and, more generally, the artistic DNA of the institution...We are looking for someone that is going to be a little experimental but also respectful of our past." 

The artistic director will report to the executive director and will work collaboratively with senior staff and board members, working to implement the school's strategic goals. 

The successful applicant will be expected to plan educational programs, annual residencies, and partnerships. He or she will develop new programming with the goal of generating revenue and will oversee the school's archives, collections, exhibition spaces and educational resources. The candidate will also work closely with the deputy director, development director and marketing and communications manager, while also ensuring the the efficacy of program delivery and customer service, working closely with the education and and campus staff. 

The successful applicant, according to the official job posting, "should possess a passion for: the mission of Pilchuck; a deep appreciation for, and understanding of, the artistic process and working with artists with an emphasis on glass art and arts education; and possess a broad understanding of contemporary art, its practices and directions."

The position is year-round and workload varies throughout the year. 

To apply visit the official Pilchuck School job posting. Applicants will need to provide the following by December 21st, 2018:

1. A one-page cover letter outlining your interests in, and qualifications for the position 

2. Resume or CV

3. Set of images (10-20) of past and current artistic work AND/OR similar documentation of relevant arts educational projects (at least 3 examples with narrative) [10 MB max, please reduce image sizes to accommodate]

4. Artist or educational philosophy statement (one-page)

5. List of five references, with a brief explanation about your professional connection and contact information for each

Please submit all suggestions, nominations, and applications in confidence to, with the subject line: "Artistic Director Position, Your Name".

Please make sure to label all files with your name. Upon receipt of your emailed packet, you will receive a reply that your materials have been received and a general schedule for the search process. 

For more information, see the official job posting.

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