Wednesday May 1, 2019 | by Eve Aaron

HELP WANTED: Glass Art Society is seeking a permanent Executive Director

Recently wrapping up a successful conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, in March under the leadership of interim executive director Brandi Clark, the Glass Art Society is turning its attention to the future, and has launched a search for a permanent Executive Director who will report to, and act on behalf of the Board of Directors. The incoming Executive Director will support the board, and have a strong and authoritative hand in the management of programs such as scouting and developing yearly conferences, event planning, and marketing. The successful candidate will also act as the chief fundraiser for the organization. 

The stated job qualifications include collaborative ability and a skillset based in event coordination, strategic planning, relationship building, and public speaking. The job description includes an added emphasis on creativity. The ideal candidate is a problem-solver but with a flexible and creative approach.

An organization centered on the implementation of large events, GAS requires a leader who can drive the execution of events from all angles, engaging in tasks that span from location scouting to the oversight of hotel arrangement and demonstrate compatibility with the organization's "all-hands-on-deck" approach.    

The major responsibilities fall within the categories of Leadership, Fundraising, Financial Management, Program Management, Membership and Community Engagement, and Human Resources.   

For information on how to apply and the full job description:


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