Friday February 9, 2024 | by Jana Elsayed

Danny Perkins and Richard Royal celebrate a friendship and share an exhibition space at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle

Light, be it through layers of resin over abstract color fields on canvas, or embedded in glass sculptural objects, is the theme of a dual exhibition running through the end of February. Danny Perkins and Richard Royal are exhibiting together at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery. The two-person exhibition entitled "Parallel" celebrates an enduring friendship between two artists who first crossed paths during the early years of the Pilchuck Glass School. Each individually delve into and extend the inherent attributes of their chosen mediums in works that share a preoccupation around the transformative influence of light on color. 

Royal and Perkins, despite their different chosen medium, share a profound exploration of self and connection to others. Royal's work delves into the vessel as a conduit for our emotional and physical selves. The emphasis on identity is said to be most prominent in his "Diamond Cut" series, where the revealing and concealing of our inner selves are thoughtfully examined.

The gallery was careful in the placement of Royal's works' adjacencies to Perkins's canvases. The goal, according to gallery director Leah Marlow, was the juxtaposition of these two artists' works as a curated dialogue that invites viewers to engage with the multifaceted nature of the human experience. The intentional arrangement of their pieces amplifies the thematic nuances, allowing for a rich exploration of identity, relationships, and the intrinsic meaning of existence through their unique artistic lenses.

"Examining their works side by side reveals a nuanced interplay of contrasts and commonalities," Marlow told the Glass Quarterly Hot Sheet. "Richard's fluidity, exemplified by punty marks and clips in his Diamond Cut Series, contrasts with Danny's dynamic use of paint, dragging chunks across his palette." 

The exhibition announcement delved into how Perkins grapples with issues of belonging, evident in the intricate relationships portrayed in his series. On the other hand, Royal seems primarily fixated on glass as a mediator of light, emphasizing the visual and sensory aspects of his medium. The installation and adjacencies of their works further amplify these thematic distinctions.

The idea for an exhibition pairing Danny Perkins and Richard Royal is a collaboration between gallery principal Patricia Rovzar and director Leah Marlow. 

"Patricia, drawing on her 32 years in the business, emphasized the gallery's cornerstone: relationships. The theme of community and relationships aligned seamlessly with the artists' focus on the meaning of these connections in individuals' lives and the profound impact it has on art," says Marlow. "The exhibition became a beautiful convergence of two bodies of work under one umbrella and a unified exhibition title." 

The gallery timed the exhibition, with its chromatic vibrancy. to the winter season in Seattle, adding a sense of uplift and color. Additionally, the exhibition marked the first extensive exhibition of Danny Perkins's paintings, which Marlow says had not been displayed in such a comprehensive manner before. Perkins also worked with paint on glass, and is perhaps better known as a glass artist.

The Champagne reception on the exhibition's February 3rd opening featured an artist talk by Dena Rigby and drew a large turnout.  

"The support from the glass community and the attendance of influential figures in the industry highlighted the impact of both artists," Marlow says. "The exhibition attracted many guests who were familiar with Danny as a glass artist and subsequently discovered and fell in love with his paintings. Despite initial nerves on Danny's part [regarding showcasing his paintings and stepping into this new artistic territory] the positive response from attendees validated the decision to feature both aspects of his creative endeavors." Marlow explained in a telephone interview with Glass


February 1 – 28, 2024
Danny Perkins and Richard Royal
Patricia Rovzar Gallery
1111 1st Avenue
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