Tuesday December 4, 2001 | by Vaughn Watson

Cheltenham Museum Announces Retrospective Symposium

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Colour Saturation Series R1640 W:20in. 2012. Colour Saturation Series R1640 W:20in. 2012.

A symposium at the UK Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum will feature several renowned contemporary artists as part of Casting Brilliance, a retrospective featuring the work of seasoned glass artist Colin Reid.

The symposium will feature the artists discussing their personal experiences as contemporary artists. Pam Reekie, administrator of the Contemporary Glass Society discussing, will also be discussing the current development of the organization, an integral part of the glass art community.

Casting Brilliance will exhibition Reid’s work, which is primarily kiln-cast optical glass. Some of the most technical in his field, Reid’s pieces involving molding glass into shapes in forms that challenge the viewer’s expectations of how the fragile material can act. A British artist, Reid has been in the scene since the 1980s. In that time, he has produced a body of work that has made him a star in the international glass art scene. He has had exhibitions throughout Europe, the United States, and even in Japan that displayed works ranging from still-life to larger architectural pieces, to optical illusions.

T4 Bacteriophage 11in x 11in. 2011 T4 Bacteriophage 11in x 11in. 2011

At the symposium he will be in good company of Luke Jerram, probably one of the most recognizable artists in the contemporary glass scene. Jerram’s work is often connected to science, technology, geometry, and form. His most famous series, Glass Microbiology, a glass models of deadly viruses like Swine Flu and HIV, for which he won the 2010 Rakow Commission. He also received attention for his 3D models of a seismograph of the 2011 Tohoku Japanese earthquake that caused on of the most deadly tsunamis in recorded history and his Play Me, I’m Yours piece that placed street pianos in cities across the globe.

Aside from the aforementioned artists, the panel will also include Felicity Aylieff, who works with Chinese factories to create larger than life ceramics as well as Andrew Lacey and Annie Cattrell.

The Casting Brilliance Symposium will take place on Saturday, November 9th at the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

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