Tuesday May 4, 2010 | by Andrew Page

3 Questions For ... Sibylle Peretti

Sibylle Peretti at work in her New Orleans studio. photo: andrew page

GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet: What are you working on?
Sibylle Peretti:
My recent work is inspired by my fascination with children raised with little or no contact with human beings. They are known as feral children. Their stories are mysterious and challenging, and we wonder if these children who never were subject to human society are different in fundamental ways. They also function as a transmitter between the human and natural worlds. They are full of wonder, mystery, and sensitivities we have all lost. They hold answers to how we see ourselves and our boundaries and inabilities to become one with the natural world.

With their immaculate innocence such children have intrigued storytellers and researchers for ages. My latest work is focused on cases of feral children from the 18th-century case of Victor of Aveyron, made famous by Truffault’s film The Wild Child (1970), to Genie, a feral child whose discovery made headlines in the 1970s. My new work ranges from glass wall panels to cast-glass busts to life-size reclining figures. With these pieces, I like to make people think about their identity and the way that they explore themselves in the world.

Sibylle Peretti, GENIE 2, 2010. Glass/paper/pigments & silver. H 20, W 64, D 1/4 in. courtesy: heller gallery, new york

GLASS: What artwork have you experienced recently that has moved you, and got you thinking about your own work?
I just went to MoMA in New York and saw the exhibitions by Marina Abramovic and William Kentridge. Two of my favorite artists. Their unforgettable exhibitions function not so much as an inspiration for my own work rather than as an encouragement of believing in what you do and following your vision and path without any compromise.

The inspiration for my own work grows more out of everyday life, tragedy, beauty, and mystery.

Sibylle Peretti, The Squirrel, 2010. Cast glass, mixed media. H 19, W 12, D 8 in. courtesy: heller gallery, new york

GLASS: Do you have any upcoming exhibitions where we might see your work?
I just had a solo show titled “A Thin Silver Lining“ at the Heller Gallery in New York that ended onMay 1st, but a selection of pieces will remain on exhibition until May 30th.

Together with my husband, Stephen P. Day (Club S+S), and another artist couple (MIJU) from San Francisco, we are collaborating on an exhibition entitled “The Diluvial Hood” which will open on June 25th at The Freies Museum Berlin.

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