Fundamental Particles

March 6th – April 5th, 2024

Opening Reception March 6th from 6-9 PM.


In an exploration of the intricate threads that weave together the cosmos of UrbanGlass, this exhibition reveals the fundamental particles that form the very essence of this vibrant studio. At its core, UrbanGlass is a dynamic ecosystem of spirited individuals who infuse it with life, community, and boundless creativity. The works in this exhibition serve as an elaborate network, showcasing the interwoven narratives of artists whose paths intersect and overlap within the shared space of UrbanGlass. Each piece is a testament to how the studio becomes a microcosm, where artists converge to exchange ideas, challenge conventions, and foster a sense of belonging. It's a microcosm made up of artists who pursue not only glass, but paper arts, ceramic, textiles, woodworking,  puppetry, metalsmithing, sound, video, and more. Fundamental Particles invites viewers to contemplate the invisible threads of connection that bind us all; the intangible forces that make UrbanGlass more than physical space for glass exploration.


Exhibiting artists include:

Abram Deslauriers
Arianna Eshoo
Aullar Mateo
Austin Grier
El Quesada
Ghislaine Sabiti
Han Duong
Hana Kimura
Ipek Tepper
James Corporan
Jeffrey Strausser
Jess Krichelle
Jessi Moore
Kate Dowd
Lucas Kernan
Malcolm Kriegel
Meg Wachs
Phil Garip 
Roxana de Leon
Shuhei Fujii
Stephanie Sara Lifshutz

Event Schedule
March 6th – April 5th, 2024
Robert Lehman Gallery
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, New York 11217