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Wednesday April 25, 2018 | by UrbanGlass Staff

UrbanGlass 2018 Gala and Auction Centerpieces

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Each year UrbanGlass commissions artists to make unique centerpieces for our gala dinner. This year, artists Ashley Goodwyn, Helena Parriott, Mia Sartori, and Annie Shepherd were selected to create the objects that will grace each table at our May 9th event. In keeping with the evening’s central theme, each artist was challenged to make work that highlighted renewal and reuse. Learn more about these creations below!

Ashley Goodwyn
The paper and glass landscapes began as a familiar feature of the New York City landscape: abandoned newspapers. Goodwyn collected newspapers and other found paper products (such as phone books), which she made into a paper pulp. Sculpting the paper pulp around blown and sandblasted glass domes, she created forms that, through the dynamic contrast of rough and glossy textures and the dim glow they produce, take on a second life all their own.

 Small Landscape: $100
Medium Landscape: $200
Large Landscape: $300

Helena Parriott
Parriott’s “cham-delabras,” like their name, are a playful amalgamation of repurposed parts. The distorted glass bubbles were created by blowing into champagne wire cages. The cage serves as a restraining shape, causing the bubble to flow out of its quartered sides and top. Merging the glamour of champagne with practical repurposing, Parriott’s tabletop fixtures are a celebration of the infinite possibilities of glass.

Cham-delabra: $350

Mia Sartori
Glass produces beautiful products, but it also produces shockingly beautiful byproducts: all the bits and pieces that come from creating work in a studio. In clear glass vessels, whose thick lenses magnify, Sartori has collected studio byproducts to highlight the accidental aesthetics of studio ‘junk.’ These vessels were made in UrbanGlass’ hot shop, though some have multiple lenses that were carved into their surface in our cold shop.


Annie Shepherd
Shepherd’s playful, landscape inspired forms are created primarily from materials that may otherwise be tossed aside. Using scrap and donated color glass from UrbanGlass’ hoptshop, she has created unique, one of a kind color patterns.  The final results are forms reminiscent of the natural landscape as well as the urban landscape around us.


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