Deborah Czeresko


Heavily influenced by an extensive background in hot glass fabrication, Czeresko's work is preoccupied by the cultural significance and the hierarchical systems of value that exist within the objects and beings that surround us. To this end, the work embodies everyday objects fabricated in glass, exploring social and cultural psychologies.

A New York City-based artist, Czeresko uses a range of approaches and techniques in her work including hot glass sculpting, performance, and collaboration. She began working with glass at UrbanGlass in 1987 after earning a BA in psychology from Rutgers University. In 1992, she earned a graduate degree in studio art at Tulane University, New Orleans. Since then, she has been a glassblowing instructor and visiting artist at many universities and schools throughout the United States and in Europe, most recently at Tyler School of Arts in Philadelphia, College of Creative Studies in Detroit and LUCA School of Arts in Ghent.

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