Issue 109 | Winter

Editor's Letter

by Andrew Page

In this issue we break one of the unwritten rules of art magazines by discussing the prices of artwork in detail. No, the magazine has not lost its respect for the fact that artwork occupies a higher realm than that of commerce, but as records for contemporary painting continue to be broken at auction, it seemed appropriate to break temporarily from tradition and examine the market forces at work for art made from glass. 


Evelyn Dunstan wins the 2007 Ranamok Prize; Corning brings its Hot Glass Road Show to Art Basel/Design Miami; the unicertain future of Robert Sowers's jet-age window at JFK airport; hotel to open with glass artist theme; the best new books. 


Taliaferro Jones at Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia; Beth Lipman at Heller Gallery; David Lee Csicsko at Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago; Judy Chicago at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario; John Gilbert Luebtow at the Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, California; and Andy Paiko at Guardino Gallery, Portland, Oregon. 

UrbanGlass News

Therman Statom and the Art Alliance of Contemporary Glass to be honored at the 2008 UrbanGlass Gala: Auction - Awards - Glassblowers Ball


Frozen Ephemera: A work in glass included in the Gordon Matta-Clark retrospective at the Whitney Museum offered a rare physical artifact. 


Sketching the Human Animal

by William Warmus

Dan Dailey uses his voluminous collection of drawings as armatures on which he builds elaborate, three-dimensional explorations of the social tapestry. 

Glass Grows Up

by Dan Klein

After years of uneven results at auction, contemporary art made from glass is taking its first steps toward maturity, with an emerging secondary market and growing museum exposure. 

The Glamour of Glass Jewelry

by Ursula Neuman

How wearable art made from glass reflects its makers and wearers.

Immaculate Conception

by Victoria Josslin

In "Mining Glass," an exhibition of work in glass by conceptual artists, a disconnect is implied between technical ability in glass and high-level content. Luckily, an adjacent exhibit at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, proves otherwise. 

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