Issue 24 | Summer

A Clear View

by Karen S. Chambers

Glass in Sculpture/Sculpture in Glass. Is that merely a mirror image of a phrase or does each part mean something different?


Letters from readers.

New Work in New Work

New works by Linda Lichtman, Max Leser, Liliane Lijn, Ginny Ruffner, Michael Aschenbrenner, Mary Van Cline, Geoffrey Isles, Stephen R. Nelson, William Dexter, and Carrie Harper.

Glass Happenings

by Albinas Elskus, Karen S. Chambers, Evelyn Grampp,

The happenings in the glass art world in 1985.


David Rible works at Kurland-Summers Gallery, James Harmon neon works, Dan Dailey and Linda MacNeil works, Full Circle - A Portrait Of Languages by Elly Sherman, Glass Images: Henry Halem, Richard Marquis, Therman Statom exhibition, Joel Philip Myers works at Heller Gallery, "Constructed Glass Works" by Karl C. Hensel, William Carlson works at Heller Gallery, Renee Lord, Jerker Persson, Rhicard Rackham, Mette Wihlborg works at Gallery Nilsson, American Craft? Four exhibition, Howard Ben Tré works at Charles Cowles Gallery, Sidney Hutter works at Heller Gallery, Jay Musler works at Heller Gallery, Margie Jervis and Susie Krasnican works at Heller Gallery, Form and Light: 400 Years of European Glass at Michael Ward, Inc., Glass Works by Ann Wahlstrom at Gallery Nilsson, Style Scandinavia exhibition at Bloomingdale's, Jon Kuhn: Chemically Treated Glass Sculpture at Heller Gallery.

Joep Nicolas: Years of Crisis

by Claire Nicolas White

Discussion of the life of glass artist Joep Nicolas by his daughter.


Glass: Fad or Future or Sculpture?

by William Warmus

Glass is "out there."

Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick: Partners in Glass

by Karen S. Chambers

The collaborative works between Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick.

Relating to Pedro de Campos Rosdo's Sculpture

by Karen S. Chambers

Although De Campos Rosado's work may appear to be merely pristine and elegant formal exercises, it is actually about primary human relationship.

An Automatic Move for David Lewin

by Ruby Bernstein

David Lewin, San Francisco glass artist, long ago decided that for him glass went beyond the blow-pipe.

Molly Stone Speaks Her Own Design Language

by Ruby Bernstein

From her interest in art history, Molly Stone has developed her own system of personal hieroglyphics, which she has translated into her glass art.

Phenomenon of Process Pictured

by Karen S. Chambers

Discussion of Thomas Bang's glass process and subsequent career.

Douglas Navarra's Glass Precisionism

by Margaret Richardson

Douglas Navarra's architectural works that combine classical motifs with a contemporary precision.

Dana Zamecnikova: Artist and Magician

by Karen S. Chambers

Circuses, fairy tales, theater, diaries, infinity, magic - those are some of the things that Dana Zamecnikova evokes in her work.

A Conversation with Paul Seide

by Joe Upham, edited by Juli Davidson

The Difficulty of Simplicity

by Karen S. Chambers

It is not easy to make simple things.

Joachim Klos: The Man, His Work & His Somersaults

by Lutz Haufschild

Joachim Klos, in the last thirty years, has created a large body of architectural stained glass that is remarkable for its diversity.

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