Friday February 9, 2018 | by Valerie Hughes

The Lowe Art Museum unveils renovated Paley Pavilion and a year of special events

To honor the 10th anniversary of the Myrna and Sheldon Palley Pavilion for Contemporary Glass and Studio Arts, Miami’s Lowe Art Museum has declared 2018 as the "Year of Glass," which will be commemorated through new exhibitions and programs. The event kicked off with a February 6 party featuring a lecture from artist Therman Statom. The site of this celebration is the newly-renovated Palley Pavilion that houses a $3.5-million collection of work by international glass and ceramic artists. Designed by architect Ronald Mateau, the gallery was designed with plenty of natural light to showcase the innate qualities of glass.  

On opening weekend, guests entered the newly-renovated Pavilion to view a new installation that features work by Dale Chihuly, Jose Chardiet, Mary Van Cline, Laura Donefer, Harvey Littleton, Richard Marquis, Lino Tagliapietra, among many others. This installation is curated by Linda Boone of Habatat Galleries. The prominent glass art collectors Myrna and Sheldon Palley donated more than 200 works by 75 different artists, to create a collection Boone calls “one of the country’s finest.”

The "Year of Glass" will continue with the Palley’s Distinguished Glass Artist lecture series, the first of which was Statom’s lecture on opening night. Future events include a hands-on student workshop in Fall 2018 that will have artist Clifford Rainey as a presenter.

In the spring of this year, Dale Chihuly’s Mosaic Persian (1998) will be installed in the Lowe Art Museum's foyer. Made up of 32 glass elements, the work was gifted to the museum by husband-and-wife art collectors Dale and Doug Anderson, who originally commissioned the work. Chihuly Studios is currently reworking the piece to ensure that it seamlessly fits into the Lowe.

Dr. Jill Deupi, Beaux Arts Director and Chief Curator of the Lowe says that Mosaic Persian will be a “signature work” and will emphasize “the remarkable collections housed in our Myrna and Sheldon Palley Pavilion.” 


"Year of Glass"
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