Wednesday February 15, 2023 | by Sadia Tasnim

The Corning Studio announces 2023 residencies including collaborative, BIPOC, and research opportunities

The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass has announced its roster of artists in residence for 2023. Comprising the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Residency, the Instructor Collaborative Residency, and nine more residencies, the museum has awarded 16 artists from around the world the opportunity to work out of the Corning studio for one month. Residency slots are spread throughout the year, ensuring that The Studio will always have at least one artist in residence at any given time.

Each artist comes with a specific research goal in mind, bringing their own expertise to make use of the museum and The Studio’s state-of-the-art facilities to accomplish their vision. The Instructor Collaborative Residency, in particular, allows for artists who have previously taught at The Studio to pursue new developments in glass together. Of the 16 positions, the David Whitehouse Research Residencies have been awarded to four scholars and artists who will be given access to the Rakow Research Library as well as the museum’s collection and staff. The remaining residencies will facilitate practical research into different glassmaking techniques (pâte de verre, murrine, etc.), use of color, large-scale production, and the development of devices to both be art and aid artists in their work. Given that the cohort of artists comes from an international pool of applicants, many artists bring with them cultural and ethnic heritages that heavily enrich their artistic philosophies and stand at the center of their glass explorations. 

Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez, Shifting Countenance (detail). 2015. Flameworked borosilicate glass mask, blown glass chamberstick, lit candle, performer. PHOTO: THE ARTIST

The 2023 residents include:

Alicia Lomné (Washington, U.S.) 

 Harriet Schwarzrock (Queanbeyan, Australia) 

 Cedric Mitchell (California, U.S.) 

 Tobias Møhl (Denmark) 

 Eriko Kobayashi (Japan, based in Washington, U.S.) 

Lisa Zerkowitz (U.S., based in Toyama, Japan) 

 Goldie Poblador (Philippines, based in New York, U.S.) 

Balázs Telegdi (Hungary) 

Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez (Pennsylvania, U.S.) 

Instructor Collaborative Residency

Anna Riley (New York) and Justin Ginsberg (Texas)

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Residency

Romina Gonzales (Peru, based in New York, U.S.)

David Whitehouse Residencies Kim Harty (Michigan, U.S.) Artist Madeline Rile Smith (Pennsylvania, U.S.) Artist Larisa Mantovani (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Scholar Rachel Wood (California, U.S.) Scholar 

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