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Planters Trade

June 20th – August 6th, 2018
Courtney McCloskey | Exhibitions

June 20 - August 6
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 23, 4 - 6pm

"This Installation is a direct response to the communities that I am a part of and what can be created within them.  The show itself is an exchange of planters. I have reached out to artists within my communities and have invited them to trade a planter they have made with a planter I have made. Throughout the duration of the show the trades will continue. As the plants grow the installation will transform from a singular voice to many, depicting the communities that surround us and helps develop who we are."                   

                                                   - Courtney McCloskey

Trade Days

First Trade Day! June 23rd Noon-3pm

Friday 29th, Saturday 30th  4pm-7pm

Friday 6th, Saturday 7th      4pm-7pm
Thursday 12th, Friday 13th  4pm-7pm
Friday 20th, Saturday 21st  4pm-7pm
Friday 27th, Saturday 28th  4pm-7pm

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th     4pm-7pm

Courtney  is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York.  After receiving her BFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, she made the transition to Brooklyn where she has become a part of two communal public access studios: GasWorks (a ceramics studio) and UrbanGlass. She is constantly inspired by the environment around her and how they impact her quality of life, and these unique spaces have an amazing influence on her current work. 

Staff, Instructor

Courtney McCloskey

Courtney McCloskey is a glass artist from South Jersey.  It is this location that began her affinity with the home and seaside environments.

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Event Schedule
June 20th – August 6th, 2018
Agnes Varis Art Center
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217