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2020 Recovery: Health and Safety Community Policy

2020 Recovery: Health and Safety Community Policy

Policies and guidelines are essential until further notice. All this information is subject to change.

The following outlines what a community member can expect upon arriving at and entering the building post closure. Information is listed in order of what the community member would encounter when booking time, arriving, and moving through the space:

  1. All studio access (e.g. non studio rental activities such as packing and pick up) will need to be reserved through the Checkfront booking system. This is done to create a structure that allows as many renters access while limiting the actual number of individuals in the space at any given point.
      1. All assistants must be listed in the note section of your invoice.
        1. Renter is responsible for all assistants compliance with safety protocol.
    2. There are no day of walk-ins allowed. 
      1. E.g. If you are coming in to pick up work you must reserve a time through the Front Desk or Tech Staff.
      2. There will be miscellaneous slots available for non rental activities.
    3. Checkfront booking items will have specified time slots and specified spaces.
      1. You must be cleaned up by the end of your reserved time slot.
      2. E.g. flameshop rentals will have specific seat assignments.
    4. Access for packing or other non-equipment usage will also need to be reserved.
      1. Example: if you are packing work in the flat shop you will need to reserve a table through Checkfront during an available time slot.
    5. All individuals will have their temperature taken upon arrival and asked a series of pertinent questions concerning any new symptoms by a staff member. 
      1. If you have a temperature above 100.0 degrees you will not be able to access the facility.
      2. Your temperature will be taken one hour before the rented time slot.
        1.  Eg. A renter booked at 9am must arrive at 8am to have their temperature taken.
        2. You must be on time for your temperature reading as it will be administered by one staff member with limited time capacity. 
        3. Missing your temperature reading will delay your access to the booked rental at the convenience of said staff member. 
  2. Cancellation policy remains in effect, but will be waived due to sickness.
  3. PPE
    1. Mask (cotton face covering is acceptable) must be worn at all times.
      1. Exceptions will be made only where masks would hinder your making process
    2. Long sleeve shirts are now required in some areas of the studio. (see sandblaster)
  4. All building protocol must be followed when entering the building.
  5. Hands must be washed upon entering the third floor lobby.
    1. There will be a provided hand sanitation station in the lobby.
    2. It is suggested that you wash your hands before and after your rental time slot.
  6. Staff and community interactions will be limited and respectful of social distancing.
    1. Social distancing markings will be in the lobby and other studio areas.
    2. Classroom will be accessible for lunch only. 
      1. Respect social distancing procedures.
        1. Do not move chairs - there is one chair per six foot radius.
    3. Locker Room is allowed one person at a time
      1. You must ask before entering and respect social distancing.
  7. No adjustments are to be made to studio ventilation systems except by staff.
  8. Deliveries to UrbanGlass have been suspended temporarily.
    1. You can still ship out boxes but you cannot receive packages at UrbanGlass.
  9. Carts will be sanitized by each individual cart user during the day and staff will clean them at the end of day.
    1. Carts will be stored in the back hallway.
    2. Carts can only be used to transport work or tools - there will be no storage on carts.
    3. Carts will have individual sanitation supplies.
      1. Carts should be sanitized before and after use.
      2. Do not remove sanitation products from the carts.
  10. Tools and tools kits will be sanitized daily by staff. 
    1. We suggest that you use the sanitation supplies to clean the tools to your level of comfort. 
    2. Tool cages and supply carts will only be accessed by technical and educational staff.
      1. If you have specific items you want available please use the note section of your invoice to help staff prepare your space before you arrive.
    3. Neon blowhoses / mouthpieces / swivels will no longer be supplied in kits.  You must purchase your own blowhoses / mouthpiece / swivels.  It is also suggested that you purchase a set of corks. 
    4. Studio pipes and punties are for EDU and students only.
    5. Studio blocks will still be available to the community.
  11. Visitors (anyone that is not an assistant or invoiced renter) will be handled on a case by case situation
    1. All visitors must be pre approved by ED or Dir of Ops a minimum of 24 hours prior to visit. 
    2. Facility vendors and contractors will be allowed but must follow building protocol.
    3. Personal visitors are not allowed.
  12. Compliance to posted signage and all policies is mandatory. Violation will result in immediate suspension of access on that day.  Multiple or repetitive non compliance will warrant review  and may result in full suspension of access.

For any studio rental questions please email Brian at 

For all other questions please email