Guided Studio Time

Coming back into the studio requires some adjustments to new procedures and ways of working due to the pandemic. During Guided Studio Time, a monitor will introduce you to these new procedures, offer information, and guide you through your first rental back in the space. 

The monitor will NOT assist you with any technical concerns. This time is for those who are comfortable working in the space without an instructor, but need some guidance with Covid-19 protocols before continuing renting. 

For more information, or to sign up for the next available slot, please contact Kellie at or 718-625-3685 x246. Before renting during this time, you will be provided a video outlining the new policies for safely working in the studio. 

9" Education Glory Hole 10 plus annealer $250.00 for three hours
12" Education Glory Hole 8 plus annealer $250.00 for three hours

This price includes an annealer, pipes, and tools, in addition to the monitor. You will have access to a spiral arts hand pump and compressed air tool to try as alternatives to blowing into the pipe.

The price is the same for an individual working solo or for two partners. PARTNERS WILL NOT BE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED. If renting as a pair, you and your partner must be in contact with Kellie to ensure both parties are comfortable working together. 

Not quite ready to work without an instructor? We have resumed our private lessons! You can find more information about how to schedule a private lesson HERE.