Retrosculpting: Concepts in Neon

January 14th - February 11th
Kate Hush + Kacie Lees |

This workshop provides the essential framework for designing and developing conceptually-driven works of neon art. In this course, we will tackle all the elements of neon production, coupled with a survey of optics and light art. This includes how to create illuminated renderings and bending layouts, and an overview of installation, packing, and shipping through discussions, lectures, and live streamed demonstrations. This comprehensive professional practices course aims to quantify light itself as an artistic medium and seeks both those experienced in neon art production as well as those new to the luminous tube.

This workshop will be held entirely over Zoom, and class times are listed in Eastern Standard Time. To register for a free zoom account, visit

Class Schedule
  • 5 Sessions: January 14 — February 11
    Thursday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Kate Hush + Kacie Lees

Kate Hush and Kacie Lees have exhibited work both nationally and internationally and have worked professionally in the neon industry for over a combined decade. Hush and Lees are educators…

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