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Color Theory

December 19th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Michelle Hinebrook |

Learn to use color with purpose! This workshop will introduce you to planning color palettes that are harmonious and expressive. Come investigate the many dimensions of color: hue, value and saturation in a series of hands-on (at home) exercises in color design. Working with paper, we’ll explore harmonies, contrasts, textures, and opacity. 

In glass, the quality of light plays a critical role. Learning to observe how light interacts with glass, we will consider contextual and environmental color influences on our work, and use perceptual techniques to identify color palettes, value ranges and to develop a greater sensitivity to color. We will also briefly discuss color psychology and how to use color to create, express, and elicit emotional responses.

If this price is prohibitive, please reach out to to talk through additional options.

*This is a virtual class hosted on ZOOM


1. Colored paper (color-aid, painted paper, color swatches, color charts printouts/pdfs or colored construction paper)

2. Scissors or craft knife with cutting surface

3. Glue or clear tape

4. Pencils 

5. White letter sized paper

6. Ruler

PDFs of color charts, color wheel and color harmonies will be provided

Class Schedule
  • December 19th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Michelle Hinebrook

Born in Michigan, Michelle Hinebrook is a contemporary artist living in Brooklyn, New York, best-known for her abstract paintings and glass sculptures. Her work explores geometric abstraction, lending a new perspective to our emotions, memory, perception and sensory experiences. 

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